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Friends, my name is Dr. Jitendra Sharma and today I would like to tell you about myself that I am also a dog lover and a skilled dog trainer.  Since childhood we have developed this interest due to love for dogs and today I am seeing dogs.  I can understand everything

     Because dogs speak

     Dogs laugh

      Dogs listen to you

      And let me tell you

      Want to explain something

     But for this, you need the skills to train dogs and love animals deeply

     Why Dogs Need Training

     Actually friends, you will be surprised to know

     The brain of any dog ​​develops in such a way that by listening to the words of any human

     Can also execute it

     And that's probably the biggest reason

     People from all over the world keep postage in their homes because they are intelligent as well as loyal to the owner.

     Not only this, but through a lot of research, it has become clear that the dog is the only animal that always has the ability to remember what was said or seen at one time

     And if any thing or habit is repeated over time, he cannot forget it for a lifetime.

     And this is why due to this quality of dogs, only dogs are trained in military and police of all countries.

     My childhood friend and something about me

     Friends, if I tell about my childhood, my first friend was a dog

     I never forget the first friend of my childhood, that is, my first dog who was my friend because I used to play and spend more time with him.  I remember

     Whenever I used to cry, she would come to me and cry loudly

      What a wonderful childhood day we still remember

     But today I am not my best friend, when mother used to kill me, she would save me.

     Friends, even today, my childhood friend, my sweetest dog, is no longer with us, but I have

     Because i'm a dog trainer today and i'm busy

     I like three dogs

     Friends, I have 20 years of experience living with dogs and today I am a good dog trainer


     Dog year book required

     Friends, starting a dog training business is not a very difficult task.  All you need is the skill to train dogs and have a deep love for animals

     Dog owners want their dog to be obedient and smart as well.  When he asks her to join hands, he shakes hands, when he tells her to bow in front of the guests, he bows.

     Training is the best idea to keep a pet dog mentally and physically active.

     If your dog suddenly becomes ill

     So can you tell if my dog ​​is sick

     If the dog has a stomachache

     So how do you know if a dog has a stomachache

     Because the dog won't tell you i have stomach ache

     Friends keeping all these things in mind

     I have created an e-book, in this e-book, I have presented my 20 year old skills to you.

     Dog Year Book Features

      This will be very useful for you and your dog.  With the help of this ebook, you will be able to fully train your dog by training your dog for only 30 days.

     And all diseases in dogs

     And also be able to treat them

     And also, many things you may not know about dogs, they are some such information in this dog year book.

     And many things about dogs you need to know

     If you have a dog

     Whether it is training of dogs or treating dogs or anything related to dogs, such as the sexual life of dogs.

     Dog and astrology

     Or talk about scientific research on dogs

      Everything is presented in this book

      So if you have a dog

     How useful will this e-book be

     And yes finally on whatsapp

     Have given a good status about dogs and answered some questions asked by people about dogs, which you need to know

     Friends, it took me about 6 to 7 months to write this e-book because I completed this e-book from my mobile phone.

     I used to write this book when I was away from my work or when I was on vacation and I tried to fully present my 20 years of experience 

Dog Year Book

      this e-book is presented in 261650 words i.e. 848 pages for you for only $ 5

dog year book